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IPW8 — 8th International Phosphorus Workshop

12th September 2016 - 16th September 2016
Rostock, Germany


Without major shifts in the global use of phosphorus (P) towards greater sustainability and efficiency there will soon be drastic decreases in its availability. The consequences of a worldwide limited supply of P are already being felt, in particular as dramatic increases in the price of P-based fertilizers. Together with a partially limited availability and the improper use of P inventories in soils, this can, in the long-term, jeopardize supplies of food to the world population and raw materials to the economy. Furthermore, inefficient P use may have significant environmental impacts: the entry of large amounts of unused phosphorus into matter cycles, for example via agricultural runoff, can lead to an over-fertilisation that disrupts the balance of the entire system. Consequently, strategies are urgently needed that through the efficient use of P will minimise the rapid depletion of P stores and close matter cycles.

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