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2021 International Conference on Automation Technology and Mechanical Engineering

22nd January 2021   -   24th January 2021
Zhengzhou, China


Time:2021/01/22---2021/01/24 Venue:Zhengzhou, China Submission Deadline:2021/01/05 Call For Papers Human-in-the-loop, human-computer interaction, human-machine/robot collaboration Power and energy system automation Sustainable development and green automation Automation software Intelligent Service Machine Digital Medical System Military automation Smart manufacturing Cyber security in automated systems Sensor Fusion of Intelligent Automation System Design and manufacture Mechanical design and application Mechanical industry Manufacturing Engineering Non-traditional manufacturing Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Systems and Technology Mechanical Engineering Testing Machinery Manufacturing Technology Mechanical transmission control Electric control Application of Programmable Controller in Engineering Mechanical dynamics and vibration Mechanical strength Welding technology and equipment Non-metal processing CNC technology and CNC machine tools Vehicle dynamic performance simulation Energy Machinery Equipment Textile machinery and equipment Food Machinery Other Related Topics