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IEEE-2021 International Conference of Optical Imaging and Measurement

27th August 2021 - 29th August 2021
Xi'an, China


Optical imaging and measurement are closely related and have a wide range of applications such as microscope, telescope, sensor, etc. Usually, imaging is the basis of measurement, and measurement is a rigorous consideration of imaging results in a quantitative way. This conference covers a broad field of advanced optical imaging and precision measurement technologies ranging from micro to macro, from static to dynamic, from single physical quantity to multiple. Optical methods continuously have a profound impact on the new development of science and technology, such as the milestone breakthroughs, STED optical nanoscope (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014) and LIGO’s interferometer (Nobel Prize in Physics 2017). This conference is looking forward to building a bridge among optical scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. ICOIM has been approved by IEEE and being online on IEEE conference search!

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