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AICCC 2021 — The 4th Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Conference

17th December 2021 - 19th December 2021
Kyoto, Japan


2021 4th Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Conference (AICCC 2021) will be held during 17-19 December, 2021 in Kyoto, Japan. This conference is meant for researchers from academia, industries and research & development organizations all over the globe interested in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. It will put special emphasis on the participations of PhD students, Postdoctoral fellows and other young researchers from all over the world. It would be beneficial to bring together a group of experts from diverse fields to discuss recent progress and to share ideas on open questions. The conference will feature world-class keynote speakers in the main areas. While artificial intelligence (A.I.) has struggled to gain footholds in other niches, it is finding its place in the world of cloud computing, a sort of revolution within the revolution that could rapidly change the face of businesses using cloud computing solutions over the next few years. What Is A.I.? First contemplated and theorized in the 1950s, A.I. generally refers to the ability of machines to perform intellectual tasks. It has branched into several different sub-levels since then, including machine learning, which, beginning around 1980, enabled computers to learn and build models, deep learning, which uses neural networks, and cognitive computing, a product of the last decade or so, which can allow machines to interact naturally with us. Machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) are the branches of A.I. most commonly linked to cloud computing. They can be harnessed for unsupervised work in analytics, predictions, and data mining – three absolutely huge parts of thousands of applications used by businesses in the cloud every single day. Deep learning takes machine learning a step forward. Instead of using a singular algorithm to crunch data, it uses a legion of them, all related, to create new, deep networks without human oversight. Deep learning has been successful in image recognition, facial recognition, even prediction of diseases based on a patient’s electronic health records. In three areas of cloud computing, A.I. is taking long strides. Those areas are ML algorithms, Big Data and parallel processing.