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Gordon Research Conference — Hybrid Electronic and Photonic Materials and Phenomena

15th May 2022   -   20th May 2022
Castelldefels, Spain


Organic and organic-inorganic hybrid materials have great potential in electronic, photonic, and bio-related applications. Such hybrid materials offer unique electronic and photonic properties and applications. The bottom-up design of new materials and devices for emerging technologies requires the integrated effort and transdisciplinary dialogue between researchers in chemistry, physics, engineering, and material sciences, working on fundamental and theoretical aspects as well as application-driven questions. This meeting aims to consolidate these efforts, and highlight the newest developments in the synthesis of new functional materials, their application in emerging electronic devices, as well as their electrical, optical and structural attributes. In the spirit of the Gordon Research Conference, this meeting will highlight the newest developments in the field, as well as challenges, open questions, and new directions in the coming years through close interaction between established scientists, early career researchers, and students in the field. Following the success of the previous editions of this GRC (2014, 2016, and 2018), this meeting will take place in the exciting city of Hong Kong. The speakers were chosen to represent the diversity and interdisciplinarity in this broad field. Topics include material synthesis, molecular self-assembly, theory and experiment of electrical transport in organic and hybrid films, organic and perovskite photovoltaics, bioelectronics, thermoelectrics, nanorobots, and sensing.