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Gordon Research Conference — Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy

30th January 2022   -   4th February 2022
Ventura, United States


Experimental advances combined with advanced data analytics in liquid phase electron microscopy (LPEM) have skyrocketed over the last decade, positioning this next-generation imaging technology to view dynamic matter with unprecedented levels of spatial and temporal resolution. This Gordon Research Conference assembles scientists from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, including biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, materials science, and physics to drive advances in methods and applications and springboard future directions for the field. Scientists will share their latest results and challenges toward imaging liquid specimens at the nanoscale. We will focus on breaking down barriers that limit experimental resolution including liquid thickness, pH and temperature change, cumulative dose and dose rate, specimen drift, and computational analysis. We will also formulate new means to progress electrochemistry, self-assembly, and structural biology applications to reach new heights in scientific inquiry and interpretation. For all experiments, pushing the boundaries of advanced sensing and data analytics will be a key theme of the research methodology.

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