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ICITES 2021 — The International Conference on Intelligent Technology and Embedded Systems

31st October 2021 - 2nd November 2021
Chengdu, China


Intelligent technology-driven embedded systems, such as smart factories, autonomous vehicles, industrial robots, wearable devices, and intelligent Internet-of-Things, are fast-growing and will definitely have great impacts on human economy and society. To facilitate intelligent technologies (e.g., machine learning and deep learning particularly) implemented in resource-constrained embedded systems, it is of critical importance to improve the way to design, build, test and evaluate emerging intelligent processors, accelerators and related systems. Since most intelligent embedded systems are implemented in networked environment and have mission-critical requirements, it is crucial to ensure their dependability, safety, reliability, security, real-time and efficiency. The International Conference on Intelligent Technology and Embedded Systems (ICITES) is a global forum for researchers and developers from academia, industry, and government to present and discuss emerging ideas and trends in intelligent embedded systems. The scope of conference will cover the design, implementation, optimization, verification, and validation of intelligent embedded systems in various fields, emphasizing on intelligent processors, AI accelerators, edge-computing systems, intelligent Internet-of-Things, cyber-physical systems, dependable AI, embedded security, and autonomous systems. ICITES 2021 is the 1st International Conference on Intelligent Technology and Embedded Systems, which will be held in Chengdu, P. R. China during Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2021 in conjunction with the conference of ICCS 2021. ICITES 2021 is financially sponsored by University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and technically co-sponsored by IEEE CEDA Chengdu Chapter and Chengdu Section.

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