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APIT 2022 — The 4th Asia Pacific Information Technology Conference

14th January 2022   -   16th January 2022
Bangkok, Thailand


The 2022 4th Asia Pacific Information Technology Conference (APIT 2022) will be held during 14-16 January, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. APIT 2022 is an international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and new advances and research results in the fields of Information Technology. The conference will bring together researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field. The conference welcomes significant contributions in all major fields of the Information Technology in theoretical and practical aspects. It will put special emphasis on the participations of PhD students, Postdoctoral fellows and other young researchers from all over the world. It would be beneficial to bring together a group of experts from diverse fields to discuss recent progress and to share ideas on open questions. The conference will feature world-class keynote speakers in the main areas. Humans have been storing, retrieving, manipulating, and communicating information since the Sumerians in Mesopotamia developed writing in about 3000 BC, but the term information technology in its modern sense first appeared in a 1958 article published in the Harvard Business Review; authors Harold J. Leavitt and Thomas L. Whisler commented that "the new technology does not yet have a single established name. We shall call it information technology (IT)." Their definition consists of three categories: techniques for processing, the application of statistical and mathematical methods to decision-making, and the simulation of higher-order thinking through computer programs. What is the future of IT, and which technology is going to the rule the IT industry? Let us join in APIT 2021 to enjoy the discussion!