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Gordon Research Conference — Mammary Gland Biology

30th May 2021   -   4th June 2021
Mount Snow, West Dover, United States


The mammary glands define what it is to be mammalian. Not only do they impact species survival and human existence through the synthesis of complex and nutritious milk, but they also affect the daily lives of millions of humans due to the onset and progression of breast cancer. The 2021 GRC on Mammary Gland Biology represents an exciting milestone - the 50th anniversary of a meeting dedicated to this organ. The original “biology of milk” meetings reflected all the unknown biology and biochemistry underlying this perfect food. The meeting is now entitled “mammary gland biology” to reflect how much more we now understand, and seek to learn, on the many fronts involving this fascinating organ – from the wonders of developmental biology and the contributions of molecular genetics and models, to the complicated and challenging front of diagnosing, treating, and seeking to cure, breast cancer. The 2021 meeting "Molecules and mechanisms from normal biology to cancer" will relate to all fields focused on the mammary glands, and the fact that they share and utilize many of the same mechanisms, and many of the same molecules, at a range of levels. Oftentimes it is the context that differs. We have an exciting lineup of speakers who will address all tiers of molecules and mechanisms - ranging from their use in personalized cancer therapy, how they relate to infant success and nutrition, how they are used in normal and diseased states, and how they can be imaged and analyzed. In essence, there will be cutting edge science for participants from all fields and backgrounds. Not only will there be engaging social and poster sessions, but also the opportunity to participate in discussions about the future of the field in a dedicated Power Hour. The meeting will also continue the tradition of being run conjointly with the pre-meeting GRS for trainees. And all of this while in the idyllic setting of the wonderful Vermont countryside!

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