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EMBO Workshop — RNA: Structure meets function

28th June 2021   -   2nd July 2021
kersberga, Sweden


High-throughput sequencing results in recent decades have revealed that transcription of the eukaryotic genome goes beyond coding regions and uncovered an overwhelming amount of novel functional RNAs. The list of these RNAs is constantly increasing and includes lncRNAs, circular RNAs and enhancer RNAs, among others, with crucial roles in genome organization, transcriptional and posttranscriptional gene regulation. The basic mechanisms of action of these RNAs are only beginning to emerge and are most likely exhibited due to specific RNA secondary and tertiary structure, as previously found for other RNAs, e.g. ribosomal RNAs and tRNAs. Nevertheless, the connection between RNA structural biology and RNA function is still in its infancy. To deeply understand how molecules work, detailed knowledge of their structures is necessary. The overall aim of this EMBO Workshop on RNA Structure meets Function is to promote scientific exchange and synergies across the fields of RNA structure and RNA function by gathering leading established and upcoming scientists to discuss and exchange the most recent advances in these areas and the latest cutting-edge technologies to tackle them. Among the topics to be covered in this EMBO Workshop are: Structural RNA biology Function of non-coding RNAs
 Large RNA/RNP complexes RNA and chromatin RNA dynamics Translational regulation by RNA RNA modifications