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Positivity 2022 — linear order structures in algebra, analysis, and logic

20th June 2022 - 3rd July 2022
Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Petersburg Positivity 2022. This time it will be held as a satellite to the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM, July 6-14). Visa-free entry will be supported by ICM. Please, subscribe to future updates on the conference website. The research subject "positivity" is the area in mathematics that is devoted to order structures and their applications. Some of the topics included: ordered algebraic & topological structures, Banach lattices, Banach spaces, function spaces, positive and order bounded operators, operator algebras, non-standard analysis, and Boolean valued models, Boolean algebras and stochastic processes, applications to mathematical finance.