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SOM 2015 — 5th International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter

20th September 2015 - 24th September 2015
Göttingen, Germany


Soil organic matter (SOM) is the most intriguing feature of soils and one of the most fascinating properties of terrestrial ecosystems. SOM is the integrating parameter of soil fertility and stability of agricultural and natural ecosystems. Novadis, the key role of SOM in stability of global C cycle and greenhouse gas emissions raised studies connecting soils with atmosphere, hydrosphere and phytosphere – all of them with the focus on SOM. Despite SOM studies started hundreds years ago, and its static properties are known, we just starting to understand processes: formation and functioning, interactions and fluxes, processes and rates. SOM will connect pools with fluxes, living and dead organic matter, organic and mineral compounds, topsoil and deep soil, experiments and modeling, terrestrial to aquatic ecosystems, dynamics and sequestration and surely the scientists investigating SOM from over the world. All this is necessary to elucidate Structure, Origin, Mechanisms of SOM formation and functioning.

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