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Obesity and Adipose Tissue Biology

15th February 2016 - 19th February 2016
Banff, Canada


Obesity is a growing pandemic and a major contributor to metabolic syndrome and disorders such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, non-alcohol fatty liver and some cancers. Excess fat mass is the main characteristic of obesity, and adipocytes are the critical players in obesity-associated metabolic disorders. This symposium will focus on recent advances in our understanding of adipocyte biology and its related pathogenesis. These scientific breakthroughs include fundamental aspects of adipocyte development, heterogeneity of fat cells and their progenitors, fuel utilization in different types of adipocytes, environmental imprinting of adipose tissue, adipose tissue remodeling, brain-adipose communication and non-adipose tissue adipocytes. This meeting aims to unite interdisciplinary researchers, from basic and translational scientists to clinicians and industrial scientists, in order to integrate and synergize the diverse body of knowledge of adipose tissue, discuss cutting-edge technologies and foster collaborative interactions. Attendees will gain an in-depth knowledge of adipocyte biology and new insight into the role of adipose tissue in obesity and its related metabolic disorders. 

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