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CESAR 2015 — Central European Symposium on Antimicrobials and Antimicrobial Resistance

23rd September 2015 - 26th September 2015
Sibenik, Croatia


At CESAR, renowned and internationally recognized speakers from Europe, USA and Japan will present the latest results of their scientific work in the field of antimicrobial resistance. CESAR also offers an opportunity for all the participants to share their knowledge, thoughts and experience on antimicrobial resistance and health threatening problems caused by this microbial phenomenon, to exchange ideas with colleagues and experts in the field, as well as to lay the groundwork for the beginning of new international collaborations in common scientific projects, and last but not least, it offers a warm and pleasant atmosphere for both scientific and personal experience. The advantage of this symposium is the scientific programme which is well balanced and focused, offering participants an opportunity to present and discuss current scientific achievements and knowledge in the field of antimicrobial resistance. The programme also encourages the discussion about the development of new antimicrobial drugs and their effectiveness, the rational use of the existing and new antimicrobial chemotherapeutics and the worldwide unmet medical need for new, effective and well tolerated antibiotics.

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