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Training — Advancing IV Therapy

2nd December 2015 - 5th December 2015
London, United Kingdom


The NEW NICE Quality Standard on Intravenous fluid therapy in adults in hospitals released in August 2014. The Quality Standard recommends that adults receiving IV fluid therapy in hospital should be cared for by healthcare professionals competent in assessing patients’ fluid and electrolyte needs, prescribing and administering IV fluids, and monitoring patient response. An IV fluid management plan, determined by and reviewed by an expert, which includes the fluid and electrolyte prescription over the next 24 hours and arrangements for assessing patients and monitoring their plan should be drawn up for all adults receiving IV fluid therapy in hospital. Any clear incidents of fluid mismanagement in adults who receive IV fluid therapy in hospital should be reported as critical incidents, according to the quality standard. A 20% discount is available by quoting HCUK20C-S when booking.

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