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Augmented Human International Conference

25th February 2016 - 26th February 2016
Geneve, Switzerland


The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:   - Augmented Sports and Serious Games, especially Augmented Winter Sports for the special session in the ski resort nearby Geneva   - Bionics and Biomechanics   - Exoskeletons and Super Human Technologies   - Interactions between Augmented Humans and Smart Cities   - Brain-Computer Interfaces, Muscle Interfaces and Implanted Interfaces   - Wearable Computing and Ubiquitous Computing   - Augmented and Mixed Reality   - Augmented Fashion, Art and Tourism   - Smart Objects, Smart Textiles an IoT Augmenting Humans   - Assistive Augmentation, Rehabilitative Interfaces and Games   - Alternative or Novel Feedback Modalities   - Interfaces, Drugs, Medicines, Services and Applications for Human Enhancement   - Augmented Healthcare, Quality of Life & Well-being   - Human Augmentation, Sensory Substitution and Fusion   - Hardware and Sensors for Augmented Human Technologies   - Safety, Ethics, Trust, Privacy and Security Aspects of Augmented Humanity   - Human-Factor Study, Field Study and User Study of Augmented Human Technologies

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