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CRIS2015 — Cosmic Ray International Seminar

14th September 2015 - 16th September 2015
Gallipoli, Italy


Recent experimental data published by the Pierre Auger and Telescope Array Collaborations and their interpretation with the post LHC hadronic interaction models have stressed beyond any doubt the complexity of the field proving that obtaining more information on the composition of the cosmic rays will be crucial. Moreover, the interpretation of the UHECR cannot ignore the results at lower energy and the measurements done with other messengers like neutrinos and photons. CRIS 2015, following the experience of the previous editions, aims to present overviews of existing data of UHECRs and reports from the main experiments currently taking data. At the same time overviews of theoretical models, with different hypotheses on the origin, on predictions for expected neutrino fluxes and related questions of interest in Cosmology will be presented.

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