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3rd International on Treatment of Dystonia

4th May 2016 - 7th May 2016
Hanover, Germany


Dear Colleagues, Dystonias are amongst the most common movement disorders. Botulinum toxin and deep brain stimulation have revolutionized their therapy. However, there are still considerable unmet therapeutic needs. This was the reason to organise the First and the Second International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia in the years 2010 and 2013. The response was overwhelming: More than 500 participants from over 45 countries came to Hannover for intense 3 day programs, respectively. With this continued support from the international dystonia experts our audience we are now calling for the third congress of this series. As before, we decided to continue with our 3 year rhythm: Shorter intervals would bear the risk of repetition thus spoiling scientific credibility and longer intervals might sever predictability.

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