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MindCare — International Symposium on Pervasive Computing Paradigms for Mental Health

24th September 2015 - 25th September 2015
Cusano Milanino, Italy


The symposium is focused on the use of technologies in favor of maintaining and improving mental wellbeing and as every year it will bring together the community of researchers and practitioners from technological, medical and psychological disciplines. MindCare will continue the tradition of being a place where technological, psychiatric and psychological disciplines meet. It hosts top researchers and practitioners focused on exploiting technological advancements to maintain and/or improve mental health. Technology is allowing the acquisition of unprecedented information related to individuals’ mental wellbeing as well as the provision of novel methods of treatment. The MindCare Community leverages the opportunities offered by the technological advancements to provide an improved diagnosis, a better support to both healthy subjects and patients, but also to extend the theoretical knowledge.

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