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MRI in Practice - MRI Course (Basic & Advanced) - October 2015

5th October 2015 - 8th October 2015
Cheltenham, United Kingdom


The World's best known MRI course, based on the World's best selling MRI book - MRI in Practice. Presented by internationally acclaimed authors Catherine Westbrook and John Talbot. Topics: Basic Principles, Image Contrast, Instrumentation, Safety, Spin Echo Pulse Sequences, Image Optimisation, Image Production, Gradient Echo Sequences, MRA, MRI Image Artefacts. We are very aware that you have a choice when it comes to CPD and MRI training. If you are a manager, you will want to make a clear evidence-based decision on which course can get your new staff up-to-speed with MRI within your training budget. If you are a radiographer, looking to fulfil CPD requirements, or wish to learn the underpinning principles of MRI in a format that is applied to your day-to-day work, then please visit our web site to check out our full credentials.

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