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Intensive Breast Ultrasound: A Histopathologically Based Approach to Diagnostic and Screening Breast Ultrasound

10th September 2015 - 13th September 2015
Seattle, Washington, United States


Dr. Thomas Stavros, author of Breast Ultrasound, Dr. Kevin Kelly, along with supporting faculty present standard and emerging breast imaging techniques for both early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. The emphasis will be on the macroscopic histology and pathology, correlated with the sonographic appearance of benign and malignant abnormalities (contrasted with pattern recognition techniques). Sessions will be augmented by a three-stage learning process of (1) conventional didactic fomat (with PowerPoint slides and illustrative images); (2) simulated real-time scanning review (checkpoints) of selected sessions with high-resolution cine presentations on computer workstations (one for every two attendees); (3) review automated whole breast ultrasound and automated 3-D ultrasound cases on workstations; (4) hands-on, faculty-mentored workshops. Supplementary screening materials and other new developments in breast ultrasound are also presented. This course is recommended for Radiologists, Surgeons, Sonographers and Mammography Technologists with better-than-average skill in breast ultrasound, and an interest in improving those skills in screening for, and diagnosing breast cancer.

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