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IRMER update

22nd September 2015   -   24th September 2015
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Building on the success of previous BIR IRMER updates, this meeting aims to provide an invaluable multi-disciplinary forum in which to hear about current best practices and the future of optimisation. We all have a part to play in the implementation of IRMER. Will things be different under the new legislation? How will patient dose be managed nationally in the future? What about reducing patient dose at source by implementing appropriate imaging, using techniques to minimise it during imaging and learn from errors to improve outcomes in future? Come to this meeting to network with your colleagues in radiology, physics, and the various government bodies—come and play your part. Aims and objectives: This meeting will provide up-to-date information on how IRMER may change following the BSS Revision recently published, the latest thinking on patient dose audits at both local and national levels and give practitioners a chance to discuss important issues around optimisation.

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