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Alterman Conference on Geometric Algebra and Summer School on Kaehler Calculus

1st August 2016   -   9th August 2016
Brasov, Romania


This event comprises two parts, a Clifford Algebra (CA) Conference, and a summer school that promotes the Kaehler calculus (KC). This calculus is based on CA of differential forms and generalizes Cartan’s calculus. It has direct application to relativistic quantum mechanics (QM) by replacing Dirac’s equation with one for scalar-valued differential forms. Spinors then emerge as solutions with symmetry, antiparticles surge with the same sign of energy as particles, and operators are concomitants of processes rather than ad hoc creations. We shall deal with applications to mathematical analysis, like the replacing of Hodge’s theorem with actual integration of the differential system that specifies Kaehler’s exterior and interior derivatives (read curl and divergence). We shall also deal with an additional generalization to Clifford valued differential forms. It takes us beyond Dirac type environments into one that seems appropriate for high energy physics and QM foundations. See arXiv under Jose G Vargas

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