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CVA - International Workshop on Calculus of Variations and its Applications on the Occasion of Luisa Mascarenhas' 65th Birthday

17th December 2015   -   19th December 2015
Caparica, Portugal


The aim of the workshop is both to bring together experts on Calculus of Variations and its applications, promoting the exchange of ideas and attracting young scientists to the field, and also to honor Professor Luisa Mascarenhas, recently retired, for her contribution to Science. The workshop will take place at Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia, Campus de Caparica, and will count with several talks by eminent researchers covering a wide range of methods to treat problems in Engineering, Mechanics and Life Sciences. Several of the invited speakers have directly collaborated with Professor Luisa Mascarenhas. Besides the lectures delivered by the invited speakers, we also plan to have a restricted number of contributed talks and a poster session.