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Differential Geometry (DG)

11th January 2016   -   20th May 2016
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States


Differential geometry is a subject with both deep roots and recent advances. Many old problems in the field have recently been solved, such as the Poincar� and geometrization conjectures by Perelman, the quarter pinching conjecture by Brendle-Schoen, the Lawson Conjecture by Brendle, and the Willmore Conjecture by Marques-Neves. The solutions of these problems have introduced a wealth of new techniques into the field. This semester-long program will focus on the following main themes: (1) Einstein metrics and generalizations, (2) Complex differential geometry, (3) Spaces with curvature bounded from below, (4) Geometric flows, and particularly on the deep connections between these areas.

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