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ICERM Workshop: Cycles on Moduli Spaces, Geometric Invariant Theory, and Dynamics

1st August 2016   -   5th August 2016
Providence, United States


A moduli space parameterizes geometric objects with alike structures and encodes in itself the geometry of all possible families of such objects. This workshop will focus on three aspects of moduli spaces: Cycles, Geometric Invariant Theory, and Dynamics. One of our main goals is to synthesize the recent progress on moduli of abelian di?erentials on algebraic curves motivated by dynamics and in the GIT constructions of related moduli spaces, with the view towards better understanding of geometric cycles on these moduli spaces. In many cases, computer programming and experiments are important tools to discover new phenomena, both in dynamics and in the study of cycles on moduli spaces. Hence many talks will emphasize computational and experimental aspects of these ?elds and the workshop will feature a computational problem session whose goal is to disseminate computational techniques and problems to a wider body of researchers.

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