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IAU Symposia: The Multi-Messenger Astrophysics of the Galactic Centre

18th July 2016   -   22nd July 2016
Cairns, Australia


The Galactic Centre represents a unique and extreme environment in the Galaxy. Hosting the Galaxy’s supermassive black hole, the Milky Way’s most concentrated dense gas reservoir and most extreme star-formation environment, it is the nearest analogue to both an AGN and a starburst system. Definitionally the bottom of the Galaxy's gravitational well, the Galactic Centre should be the region displaying the brightest radiative signature of dark matter decay/annihilation in the Galaxy. Topics - Accretion inflow/outflow: approaching the Event Horizon - Dense gas in the Galactic Centre and other nuclei and its star formation potential; young and massive stars in the Galactic Centre - Nuclear clusters; cluster dynamics; stellar evolution and end products in the crowded Galactic Centre environment - Magnetic fields; cosmic ray acceleration, propagation, dynamics and radiation in the Galactic Centre - The Galactic Centre’s relation to other galactic nuclei; giant outflows; feedback - Dark Matter in the Galactic Centre: indirect signatures, expected distribution, backgrounds, extracting potential signals in a crowded environment

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