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IAU Symposia: Research in Astronomy Education - Far Reaching Impacts and Future Directions

4th October 2016   -   7th October 2016
Heidelberg, Germany


Astronomy education research has become a respected subdiscipline of astronomy. Scientific results from this field have great potential to enhance the teaching and learning of astronomy for learners of many ages. New results and research methodologies from the cognition and learning sciences domains are now able to influence the work of astronomy educators, enabling them to make informed innovations for the teaching of astronomy. Generally, professional astronomers who have responsibilities that include teaching are not aware of the results of astronomy education research, and this Symposium can help expand attendee's awareness of results, as well as providing a forum for active experts in astronomy education to jointly plan the research agenda for the upcoming decade. Thus, the central objective of the meeting is aiming at an increase of the quality and impact of astronomy education.

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