ElecMol'16: 8th International Conference on Molecular Electronics

22nd August 2016   -   26th August 2016
Paris, France


The main purpose of the conference is an up-to-date scientific exchange on recent advances in the field of molecular electronics, gathering researchers from all over the world around top-level plenary and keynote speakers. This reunion is also an opportunity for the development of national and international collaborations between academic and private partners at the highest level. The conference will focus on recent advances in molecular and organic electronics in the fields of: T1 - Single Molecules Quantum Dots: Junctions/Memories Switches T2 - Organic Electronics and Spintronics: Materials Devices T3 - Organic Optoelectronics Photonics: Materials Devices T4 - 2D materials, Nanotubes Nanowires T5 - Self-Assembly Supramolecular Architectures T6 - Scanning Probe Microscopies Near Field Approaches T7 - Molecular Theoretical Modelling T8 - Bioinspired Approaches Biomimetic Devices

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