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MobiHoc - International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing

5th July 2016   -   8th July 2016
Paderborn, Germany


MobiHoc is a premier international symposium dedicated to addressing challenges in dynamic networks and computing. It will bring together researchers and practitioners from a broad spectrum of networking research to present the most up-to-date results and achievements in the field. MobiHoc will feature a highly selective technical program, multiple distinguished keynote addresses, and an exciting panel. In addition, it includes workshops that are focused on areas of emerging interest. MobiHoc is a premier conference with a highly selective single-track technical program dedicated to addressing the challenges emerging from dynamic networks and computing. Work that presents new performance evaluation methods and algorithms and obtains fundamental insights into computer and networked systems is encouraged. The specific areas of interest include methodologies, formalisms, algorithms and systems for: -    Dynamic networks broadly defined, such as communication, wireless, social, energy and transportation networks -    Analytical modeling techniques and model validation -    Performance, scalability, power and reliability analysis -    Capacity planning, resource allocation, run time management and scheduling -    Anomaly detection, system measurement, monitoring and forecasting -    Routing, scheduling, resource allocation, and energy efficiency -    Scaling laws and fundamental limits -    Communication and networking aspects of cyber-physical systems -    Trust, security, and privacy -    Quality of service, total cost of ownership and pricing -    Applications of game theory, economics and control theory to dynamic networks -    Big data and machine learning in the context of dynamic networks -    Applications, middleware, transport, network, and MAC protocols -    Measurements from deployed and experimental systems

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