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Training - Practical Arc Flash Protection for Electrical Safety Professionals

24th November 2015   -   25th November 2015
Manchester, United Kingdom Kingdom&category=Electrical Engineering


Electrical safety is an important issue for those working on electrical facilities in utility networks and large industrial installations. A number of serious accidents including fatalities occur every year due to accidents involving electricity resulting in huge financial losses and wasted man-hours. Arc flashes in electrical equipment are now considered one of the major causes of electrical accidents even surpassing the well known hazards of electric shock. Avoiding arc flash incidents and the resulting injuries is one of major challenges today facing electrical workers and requires adequate attention in the stages of system planning, design, installation, operation and maintenance. Injuries due to arc flash can depend on many factors, one of which is the incident thermal energy on a worker exposed to a flash. Today, a considerable body of knowledge exists as a result of research efforts and is available to designers and maintenance engineers in the form of standards such as IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E. This workshop will detail the basis of this approach and also about the major advances that have been made in the area of PPE made of FR fabrics and rated for different levels of thermal exposure.

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