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Training - Earthing of Utility and Industrial Distribution Systems

9th December 2015   -   10th December 2015
Longford, United Kingdom Kingdom&category=Electrical Engineering


Essentially this workshop is broken down into system grounding, protective grounding and surge/noise protection of power and electronics systems normally found in distribution networks.  A brief introduction to the design of substation grounding has been included. Detailed information on ground electrodes and measurement of ground resistance is also available. In this workshop, we will try to demystify the concepts of grounding as applicable to utility networks and industrial plant distribution systems as well as their associated control equipment. In fact, a lot of myths have been built around this subject, although it is quite a simple one when approached from basic principles. Our endeavour will therefore be to explain the fundamentals of grounding, which we hope will enable the participants to gain a correct perspective of the subject and give them the knowledge needed to solve real life grounding problems.

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