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SAM - Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop

10th July 2016   -   13th July 2016
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The SAM Workshop is an important IEEE Signal Processing Society event dedicated to sensor array and multichannel signal processing. The organizing committee invites the international community to contribute with state-of-the-art developments in the field. SAM will feature plenary talks by leading researchers in the field as well as poster and oral sessions with presentations by the participants. Authors are invited to submit contributions in the following areas: -    Adaptive beamforming -    Array processing for biomedical applications -    Array processing for communications -    Blind source separation and channel identification -    Computational and optimization techniques -    Compressive sensing and sparsity-based signal processing -    Detection and estimation -    Direction-of-arrival estimation -    Distributed and adaptive signal processing -    Intelligent systems and knowledge-based signal processing -    Microphone and loudspeaker array applications -    MIMO radar -    Multi-antenna systems: multiuser MMO, massive MIMO and space-time coding -    Multi-channel imaging and hyperspectral processing -    Multi-sensor processing for smart grid and energy -    Non-Gaussian, nonlinear, and non-stationary models -    Optimization techniques -    Performance evaluations with experimental data -    Radar and sonar array processing -    Sensor networks -    Source Localization, classification and tracking -    Synthetic aperture techniques -    Space-time adaptive processing -    Statistical modelling for sensor arrays -    Tensor signal processing -    Waveform diverse sensors and systems

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