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IV - Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

19th June 2016   -   22nd June 2017
Gothenburg, Sweden


Researchers, engineers, practitioners, and students, from industry, universities and government agencies are invited to present their latest work and to discuss research and applications for Intelligent Vehicles and Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperation. Technical sessions, workshops, poster sessions, exhibition, and technical visits will be organised. Topics: - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Automated Vehicles - Vehicular Safety, Active and Passive - Vehicle Environment Perception - Driver State and Intent Recognition - Eco-driving and Energy-Efficient Vehicles - Impact on Traffic Flows - Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems - Collision Avoidance - Pedestrian Protection - V2I / V2V Communication - Proximity Detection Technology - Assistive Mobility Systems - Proximity Awareness Technology - Intelligent Ground, Air and Space Vehicles - Autonomous / Intelligent Robotic Vehicles - Image, Radar, Lidar Signal Processing - Information Fusion - Vehicle Control - Telematics  Human Factors and HMI  Electric and Hybrid Technologies  Novel Interfaces and Displays  Intelligent Vehicle Software Infrastructure

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