Applications15 — Applications of AdS/CFT to QCD and condensed matter physics

19th October 2015   -   23rd October 2015
Montreal, Canada


One of the most important problems in mathematical physics is the study of strongly coupled field theories of the sort we use to describe the strong interactions (QCD) and condensed matter systems (CMT). Theorists have very few tools at their disposal, each of which accompanied by its attendant limitations. Perturbative (i.e., weak coupling) computations can probe a large part of the parameter space of QCD. However, these results are valid only at temperatures well above the deconfinement temperature, and at large values of the baryon number chemical potential $mu$ in order for the QCD coupling to be small, and thus the perturbation theory valid. These exclusions limit the applicability to regions of parameter space explored in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC. The workshop will unify themes related to the connection of AdS/CFT with QCD and condensed matter physics, for example color glass condensate and color superconductivity phase of QCD using appropriate gravity duals and the techniques from integrability.

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