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RIAO/OPTILAS - IX Reunion Iberoamericana de Optica y XII Reunion Iberoamericana de Optica, Laseres y Aplicaciones

21st November 2016   -   25th November 2016
Pucon, Chile


Applications in archeology Applications of optic and photonic in industry and engineering Atmospheric Optics Atomic clocks Bioengineering and biological applications Biomedical optics and photonics Bose-Einstein condensates Cavity QED with atoms Color Computational imaging and photography Diffractive optics Electro-optics Entanglement Extreme light sources Femtosecond and lifetime measurements Fermi gases Fiber optics and communications Geometrical optics Green photonics Holography and Interferometry Image Digitalization and Processing Instrumentation Laser metrology Laser processing Lasers and LEDs LIBS Light-Matter Interaction Luminescent solar concentrators Metamaterials Micro and Nanofluidics systems Microscopy Molecular Imaging in the Eye Nanophotonics New light sources Nanoplasmonics Devices and Applications Non-Linear Optics OLED Ophthalmic Optics Optical Aeronomy Optical Amplifiers Optical image processing Optical Coatings Optical Coherence Tomography and applications Optical Design Optical Industrial Processes Optical Industry Optical Metrology Optical Networks Optical Processing Optical Storage Optical trapping and micromanipulation Optics for medical diagnosis and treatment Optics in chemical analysis Optics in the preservation of cultural heritage Optoelectronics Devices Optoelectronics Materials Optometry Photonic Crystals Photonic Devices Photovoltaic systems Physical Optics Polymer and paper photonics Power lasers Quantum Optics Radiometry Solar cells Solar energy Spectroscopy Terabit/s communication systems TeraHertz generation, spectroscopy and imaging Thin films Ultrafast lasers Vision Education and training

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