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21st International Chromosome Conference

10th July 2016   -   13th July 2016
Foz do IguaA§u, Brazil


The International Chromosome Conferences (ICC) originated from the Oxford Chromosome Conferences, inaugurated by C.D. Darlington and K.R. Lewis in 1964, 1967 and 1970. The Chromosome Conferences got an international status after the 4th edition held in Jerusalem, Israel (1972), and followed a schedule of tri-annual meetings in Leiden, The Netherlands (1974), Helsinki, Finland (1977), Oxford, England (1980), Lubeck, Germany (1983), Marseille, France (1986), Uppsala, Sweden (1989), Edinburgh, Great Britain (1992), El Escorial, Madrid, Spain (1995), Ancona, Italy (1998), Wurzburg, Germany (2001), Uxbridge, England (2004), and Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2007). After Amsterdam, the conference changed to a bi-annual schedule, in Boone, USA (2009), Manchester, England (2011), Bologna, Italy (2013), and Canterbury, England (2014). In 2014 the chromosome community commemorated the 50thanniversary of the ICC since Darlington and Lewis organized the first meeting in Oxford. Looking  back on the Chromosome Conferences over the years, it is clear that chromosome studies have advanced to study exciting, new problems and to develop novel technologies.

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