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IAES Research and Innovations Medical Conference 2016 - 54th Research and Innovations Medical Conference 2016, London England - Advances in Medical Research and Innovations in the New World.

22nd July 2016   -   25th July 2016
London, United Kingdom


Innovations and reforms in medicine and medical practice are global issues. This is due to advances in medical practice and education, and advent of new technology, which is widely available in society internationally in the past three decades. As a result, patients and society in general are becoming more informed about their own health and medical practice, and they are using their knowledge to question and challenge doctors and healthcare workers about their own health issues. In addition, people are now living longer in various communities as result of advances in medicine and medical technologies. There is now enormous need and expectations from society for doctors and healthcare workers to keep abreast of all these new advances. This has resulted in the changing roles of doctors and healthcare workers in society. They are not only called upon to provide state of the art medical practice fit for the 21st century, but they are also expected to take part in teaching and research in order for them to maintain the challenges they face in medical practice and education in the 21st century. Hence the IAES Conference in Research and Innovations in Medicine and Healthcare will look at these challenges and advances in order to provide excellent medical care fit for the new millennium.

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