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Pseudoenzymes 2016: from signalling mechanisms to disease

11th September 2016   -   14th September 2016
Liverpool, United Kingdom


Pseudoenzymes can be defined as a€˜proteins that are unable to catalyse chemical reactions compared to enzyme paraloguesa€™ despite the presence of obvious homologues/paralogues that readily do. This century has seen the emergence of catalytically-defective pseudoenzyme counterparts of kinases, phosphatases and proteases, their roles as crucial regulators of cell signalling and their identification as candidates for therapeutic targeting. To celebrate, nurture and advance this field, the worlds first dedicated pseudoenzmye meeting will take place in Liverpool in September 2016. This meeting will bring together current experts in the field to help shape thinking and to capitalise on our knowledge of genomes and proteomes to advance the pseudoenzyme field into the 21st century.

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