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EESD 2016 - 8th Conference on engineering education for sustainable development

4th September 2016   -   7th September 2016
Brugge, Belgium


This conference is organized by the Institute for Sustainable Development in Bruges, in collaboration with 4 universities in Belgium (Ghent University, Free University of Brussels, UniversitA© de LiA¨ge, UniversitA© Libre de Bruxelles) and the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and Arts. EESD 2016 addresses the challenge of a€˜Building a circular economy togethera€™ by analysing the implications for engineering education. Furthermore, at the conference a€“ under the heading of a€˜Beyond the triple helixa€™, beyond an interaction between academia, industry and public authorities a€“ the involvement of other stakeholders in formulating the expectations towards engineers will be debated.

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