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ICCS - Frontiers of Climate Research to Enhance Cooperation of Climate Information and Services for Sustainable Development Planning in North East India

7th March 2016   -   8th March 2016
Guwahati, India


The event is aimed at discussing the best approach to tighten interconnectedness between climate science, services, and policy in order to improve co-generation, quality, access, and dissemination of climate information services necessary to improve climate-resilient development planning and the achievement of sustainable development goals(SDGs) in North East India. It will also provide the opportunity to showcase that user-driven research can lead to incremental improvement in usable climate information and services for different user sectors. In order to safeguard North East Indiaa€™s already highly vulnerable climate-sensitive socioeconomic sectors that also determine the regiona€™s attainment of SDGs, there is need to build an enabling environment and strong infrastructure for co-generation of evidence-based climate information and services that can be mainstreamed into sustainable development planning.

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