Biological Methylation: Fundamental Mechanisms in Health and Disease

19th June 2016   -   24th June 2016
Lisbon, Portugal


This FASEB Science Research Conference is focused on the role of Methylation Dynamics in nuclear and cytoplasmic biological processes and how this modification impacts development, epigenetic cellular identity, tissue homeostasis and disease. Studies looking at how this chemical modification impacts nucleic acid and protein function across model systems and in disease models will be presented. These topics will be complemented with presentations on how methylation states are established, maintained, interpreted and inter-converted, along with their functional cellular consequences and how this translates into developmental and disease states. Since methylation has become a major therapeutic target in recent years, there will be a focus on the advancements in therapeutics and technologies used to quantitatively monitor this modification in cells and organisms.This conference will also be an excellent opportunity for scientists less familiar with methylation mediated signaling and epigenetics to learn how this rapidly evolving field could impact their research.

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