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FASEB SRC: IgE and Allergy, 50 Years & Onward

24th July 2016   -   29th July 2016
West Palm Beach, Florida, United States


This FASEB Science Research Conference will cover all aspects of IgE biology, including IgE structure and receptor interactions, biogenesis and regulation of IgE, the biology of IgE effector cells such as mast cells and basophils, the role of IgE in allergy and immunity, and the prospects for IgE-targeted therapeutic intervention in allergic disease. It will feature critical aspects of physiology and pathology related to allergic disease, such as the contributions of other immune effector cells, animal models, and the process of translation from bench to clinic. A number of oral presentations will be selected from the abstracts, and the selected talks, poster presentations, and recreational activities will provide students and postdoctoral fellows opportunities to exchange ideas and formulate new collaborations.

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