FAES-BioTech - BioTech 54 Making Cardiomyocytes from iPSCs

22nd August 2016   -   26th August 2016
Bethesda, Maryland, United States


Often late stage clinical trials are terminated due to cardiotoxicity. There is great need to develop proper screens that are predictive of human clinical response to medications. This course will cover numerous applications using cardiomyocytes. The lectures will cover cardiac development and cardiac diseases which provides the necessary background for this course in appreciating how stem cells can be differentiated from iPSCs and be used to develop disease in a dish models as well as screens to monitor specific cardiac phenotypes such as arrhythmia and cardiac toxicity. Lectures will also cover the methodology to drive differentiation of iPSCs toward cardiac lineages and the development of cardiac reporter lines that will be useful for screening applications. The laboratory exercises will include basic handling of cardiomyocytes and then delve into discovery techniques that focus on disease modeling and phenotypic screening for small molecule therapeutics. Lab exercises will conclude with providing exposure to transfection techniques as well as assays for proarrhythmia and toxicity.

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