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IAES International Medical Informatics Conference 2016 - 20th Research and Innovations Conference in Medical and Healthcare Informatics 2017

22nd July 2017   -   23rd July 2017
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


As Medical and Healthcare Informatics involves the application of information science and technology to the acquisition, processing, interpretation, storage and communication of medical data arising in all its forms, in medical education, research and patient care, it has become popular in many healthcare settings and organisations over the past decades. Hence medical and healthcare Informatics has become a major component in both clinical decision making and patient care. Universal advances in medical practice and education, and the various reforms shaping them have resulted in numerous progress and innovations in the field of informatics, which the overall aim of making healthcare delivery more efficient. As the role of healthcare professionals are changing to meet the demands and expectations of society so is the increase in the efforts and needs of informaticists to keep abreast of the novel developments and to meet the challenges facing all healthcare professionals in the 21st century. Hence the event on the Advances in Medical Informatics in the 21 Century will explore all the developments in the field and update participants with the modern ways of working in, and applying informatics in patient care and education in the changing society.

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