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NCRTMSAACEFM 2016 - National Conference On Recent Trends in Mathematics and Statistics with Applications to Commerce, Economics, Finance and Management

21st March 2016 - 22nd March 2016
Pune, India


The purpose of the Conference is to bring together academicians and practitioners who are interested in Mathematics, Statistics and use of Mathematical/Statistical techniques in Business, Economics and Finance. We plan to invite researchers, whose research work relates to Mathematics, Statistics or applications of Mathematics/Statistics to Business, Economics and Finance. We have included a wide range of topics with the aim to expose participants to models, ideas and techniques that they may not be aware of, and to foster future collaboration. In recent years many of the classical Mathematical/Statistical techniques in Business, Commerce, Economics and Finance have been under attack, and now efficient markets can no longer be assumed by default. The result is that many more complex real world interactions need to be taken into account, meaning that the techniques and models from other areas such as Real Options and Operations Research will be important for the future of applications of Mathematics/Statistics in Commerce, Economics, Finance and Management.

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