Long-Range-Interacting Many Body Systems: from Atomic to Astrophysical Scales

25th July 2016   -   29th July 2016
Trieste, Italy


Long-range interactions, decaying like an inverse power law in the distance, are ubiquitous in nature. In the past decade we witnessed a surge of interest in the field, be it in the statistical physics community where the peculiar dynamic and thermodynamic properties of such systems have been studied, or even more recently in atomic and quantum many-body physics, where long-range interactions have become accessible in ion trap experiments, ultracold atomic or molecular gases, in cavity quantum electrodynamics, and others. While noteworthy progress has been made in many directions, the research in the subfields has been mostly unconnected. The conference will feature introductory review talks of the relevant subfields as well as research talks on the most recent developments, in order to provide an overview of the common characteristics, methods, and challenges in the study of long-range systems.

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