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Italy-Israel Meeting on Non-equilibrium physics - Theory and Experiments of quantum many body dynamics: Order and Chaos in the Quantum World

11th April 2016 - 13th April 2016
Bar-Ilan University, Israel


Recent experimental and technological advancements made possible the investigation of interacting quantum systems far from thermal equilibrium. In contrast to the equilibrium case, our understanding is still lacking a unifying framework to describe their universal emergent properties. The coherent dynamics of many-body systems is generically characterized by strong and non-local correlations, which make impossible the application of standard approximations, such as mean-field or few-body methods. A better understanding of these experiments urges the development of new numerical methods and analytical approximations, as well as new out-of-the-box ideas. The purpose of this meeting is to gather leading experts from Italy and Israel, making possible the comparison of different approaches, cross fertilization, and the birth of new collaborations.

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