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6th International Workshop on Fiber Optics in Access Network

19th October 2016 - 20th October 2016
Lisbon, Portugal


Fiber optics technologies intended to improve a quality of life Modification of GPON, GEPON, XGPON, 10GEPON, 40GPON, P2P, 1G P2P.. Improvement in all access technologies and mechanisms WDM-PON, Colored PON, Fiber: the new types, Photonic fiber uses, compatibility of different types, POF in access network, Photonic fiber.. Measurements in PONs Connectors: the new types, impact at FOAN, The burst laser diode Multi-wavelength optical sender/receiver Extension of FOAN Links: Wireless, DSL extension, home gatewey .. Impact of fiber impairments in long reach PONs Migration schemes, Convergence of PONs TDM over PONs, TDM services in NG PONs Metro GPON, Long Reach PON Optical Network Switching Architectures Optical Network Protection and Restoration Radio over Fiber Hybrid optical-wireless architecture/connectivity/protocols City Sensor Network; Urban Security and Public Safety Technology Video Network, Video Analysis and Pattern Recognition; Transportation and Connected Vehicles Smart Application for Health, Smart Application for Governance, Business cases in the access area with special reference to the current solution and the possible upgrade paths.; Practical access solution; New architectures and topologies; Energy efficient frameworks; Impact of regulation on development of Access Networks;

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