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European Smart Grid Cyber Security

7th March 2016 - 8th March 2016
London, United Kingdom


As the smart grid is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex throughout Europe, the impact on cyber security becomes ever increasingly of paramount importance. It has been estimated by Lloyds of London that a cyber attack on the US smart grid could cost as much as 1 trillion in a worst case scenario attack. This emphasises the importance of the smart grid cyber security sector and the importance of continualy keeping up to date with developments within the industry. This conference will cover the major innvoations, and foster industry discussion between utilities as well as other key players in the market. Covering issues ranging from communication both internally within organisations, as well as in a broader industry sense and also with the public. Issues surrounding standardisations and compliance which are also of concern to the industry will be featured highly on the programme.Case studies focusing on the cyber security activities of various European utilities will be in focus, as well as broader technological developments.

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